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About Me


Hi, and thanks for visiting.

My name is Evan and I help small businesses just like yours (fishing guides, charters and lodges) to increase their search engine rankings and get more leads, which turn into paying clients.

I started ranking websites a little over 7 years ago when a friend of mine (who was a fishing guide) needed a website. He was struggling to get leads for his business so I built him a simple website . I studied the competition’s web presence and optimized his website and targeted the keywords customers were using to hire guides in his area. In the beginning his site was buried on the second and third page of the search engines with no traffic or phone calls. Soon after we started optimizing the site, it began to rank, and the phone started ringing. The better the rankings, the more phone calls which turned into more booked trips.

I knew that if I could rank a website in his market, I could do it in other markets as well. While every market’s competition is different, they all play by the same rules. You give the search engines what they want and you will be rewarded. If you are still reading and are interested in more more phone calls/emails from people wanting to you to fish with you, fill out the form for the ‘FREE Website Evaluation’ and I will take a look at your website (if you have one) and tell you how you can improve your rankings.

Thanks for visiting!